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BOOK by Margot Schulzke!
A Painter's Guide to Design and Composition
, by Margot Schulzke, 144 pages, full color; North Light Books. Includes works of over 26 nationally recognized artists in oil, pastel and watercolor media. The book is getting raves from the arts community and beyond.
Review by Barbara Dachowski, PSA, in the Winter 2007 issue of the PSA Pastelagram. click to read (pdf).
Of 19,450 original copies from the first printing, over 16,000 are sold.

One popular workshop instructor writes, “I hope you know how popular it is. Everywhere I go it comes up as a favorite among painters. We see art books that come and go, but you made a mark that will be used for generations.”

Review by Kathryn Manry, Federation of Canadian Artists, Calgary Chapter Feb. 2009 Newsletter, www.fcacalgary.ca/pdffiles/2009newsletters/2009-02.pdf
The book is reportedly being used as a college text on some campuses.

Join artist Dug Waggoner who says, "Read the book."

Sally Strand: "An absolute homerun."

Carmen Avellan, web administrator for Chevron North America wrote "Every 4 lines or so, I go, 'wow'...". You explain concepts in a way that I understand."

Maggie Price's review summarizes the book (click to read).

Ordering Iinformation:
Available through Amazon.com, Borders.com, and BarnesandNoble.com, and on the shelves at Barnes and Noble, and Borders Book Stores. Main selection for North Light Book Club, February 2006.

Pastel Journal 10-2013 Making a Scene

NEW! Pastel Journal, October 2013, Making a Scene, article on design by Margot.

Pastel Journal 8-2012 United in Art

Pastel Journal, August 2012, Art Matters Column, United in Art, August 2012, review of Margot’s September 2011 visit to the Republic of Moldova at the request of the U S Embassy there.

Pastel Journal Feature Article, December 2008
Margot’s paintings were featured in the December 2008 issue of the Pastel Journal. The article focuses on her signature theme of cityscapes and interiors.

The Artist's Magazine, January 2006
Article, "The Rules of Attraction", by Margot Schulzke, based on excerpt from her new book, A Painter's Guide to Design and Composition. Feature and image, pp. 18m, 20-21, plus two articles in January and June 1992.

Sierra Heritage Magazine
"Pastel Laureate™ Award Goes to Margot Schulzke". Look for article, March/April 2006, pp.18-19

Perspectives Magazine
"Mountain Climbing in the Studio; Margot Schulzke Receives Pastel Laureate™ Award"
Article, images, May/June 2006, pp. 34-35.

The Pastel Journal, feature article, April 2004, pp. 22-23, on Margot Schulzke as juror for the 2004 Pastels 100 Competition. (Additional juror quotes, see pp. 25, 34, 37, 41)

The Pastel Journal, Viewpoint column, by Margot Schulzke:
in almost every issue of the magazine since 1999.

Selected titles from The Pastel Journal:
A Question of Perspective, August, 2005
June, 2005; Intervals Make a Difference
February, 2005; Creativity: Not From Nothing, p. 74
October, 2004; Art for Art’s Sake, p. 74
August, 2004; On Divine Discontent, p. 66
June, 2004; The Pendulum Swings, p. 66
April, 2004; The Power of Contrast, p. 90
February, 2004; Art by Design, p. 66

Extended list of Pastel Journal articles:
February 2010
: Choose Your Own Path
October 2009: Divine Discontent, Revisited
June 2009: Black, White and Beautiful
February 2009: Understanding and Employing the Gesture
December 2008, Pastel Journal Feature on Margot's work by Christine Proskow
October 2008: Staying Alive
June 2008: The Great Divide
February 2008: Beyond Mechanics
August 2007: Concepts: the Genetic Code of a Work of Art
June 2007: Freeing Your Inner Muse
February 2007: Rethinking Regional Art, and Dialogue: Mathieu Weemaels (article)
December 2006: You Are Not Your Painting
October 2006: The Bold Truth
August 2006: Mere Illustration
February 2006: For Those Who Grieve
December 2005: What's in a Name?
October 2005: A Woman's Place, 61
August 2005: A Question of Perspective, 56
June 2005: Intervals Make a Difference
April 2005: Membership Has Its Privileges, 80
February 2005: Creativity: Not From Nothing, 74
December 2004: Keeping the Playing Field Level, 74
October 2004: Art for Art’s Sake, 74
August 2004: On Divine Discontent, 66
June 2004: The Pendulum Swings, 66
April 2004: The Power of Contrast, 90
February 2004: Art by Design, 66
Nov/Dec 2003: A Closer Look at Planes, 61
Sept/Oct 2003: Overcoming Mental Block, 78
July/Aug 2003: Individuality, Style and Signature, 81
May/June 2003: Simplify, Simplify, Simplify, 90
Mar/Apr 2003: Why Sweet Doesn’t Work, 106
Jan/Feb 2003: Seeing in the Abstract, 90
Nov/Dec 2002: Massing, A Major Key to Powerful Painting, 90
Sept/Oct 2002: Over the Garden Wall, 82
July/Aug 2002: Beyond Safe, 90
May/June 2002: Where Art IS: Transcendence on the Rise, 82
Mar/Apr 2002: When Art Isn’t Art, 90
Jan/Feb 2002: Composition, the Bone Structure of Painting, 74
Nov/Dec 2001: Drawing Inspiration from the Masters, 72
Sept/Oct 2001: Syncopated Rhythms in Art, 73
July/Aug 2001: Taking Risks, 71
May/June 2001: Let’s Hear It for Studio Painting! 74
Mar/Apr 2001: What Do Judges Look For? 75
Jan/Feb 2001: The Enigma Factor, 69
Sept/Oct 2000: Protect Your Copyright, A Primer on Copyright Law for Visual Artists, 60
May/June 2000: On the Permanency of Pastels, 54
Jan/Feb 2000: On the Edge, 50
Sept/Oct 1999: Contrast, Subtlety and Juxtaposition, 42

Pure Color: The Best of Pastel,
North Light Books.

Margot is one of the artists featured in this compendium-style book.

Who’s Who in American Art, every volume since 1993.
Marquis Who's Who of American Women, 25th Edition (2006-2007)
Who's Who in American Women, 2006-7 Edition


All artwork copyright © Margot Schulzke 2009. All rights reserved.